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Barracuda Suitcase – Collapsible and Trackable Luggage

Are you tired of seeing your suitcase(s) piled up in your garage or attic? I recently received a new suitcase that will change that! The Barracuda suitcase is brand new on the market, and one of it’s innovative features is the fact that it collapses down to just under 5 inches in height. Perfect for storing away when you’re not traveling.

When you get your Barracuda, you’ll find it comes in a great storage bag. There’s even a hook on the side that allows you to hang it in a closet.

Building the suitcase is quite easy. I will admit that I watched the video that Barracuda has made to see how to build it. The video was extremely helpful in knowing how to build it since there are no paper directions. Good for the planet!

You pop each corner into alignment and use a slide to lock it together. While I plan to use the Barracuda for a carry-on, the FAQ part of the website says that it’s strong enough to check. Laundry and shoe bags are included with the Barracuda. Great for packing!

The handle is the other major part of the Barracuda that makes it unique. It can rotate to fit your hand better when pulling. And, there’s a tray table hidden inside the handle. As someone who commonly grabs a bite to eat during layovers, this tray seems extremely useful!

On the tech side, the Barracuda has some great offerings too. There’s a USB battery power pack slotted into the back of the suitcase. It’s removable so if you need to pull it out to charge or to check your bag, you can.

The Barracuda also comes with a tracking device. The tracking device has to be charged, then can be placed inside your suitcase to help you track it if it’s misplaced. Barracuda states that it’s only for air travel and shares more information about the unit on their tracking page.

Barracuda suitcase – collapsible and innovative!

Can’t wait take the Barracuda along on my next trip! Another new product on the horizon is the Barracuda Konzu. Loaded with tech features and a big hit on kickstarter!

Thank you Barracuda for providing me a suitcase to try!

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